Sales Organization Analysis

Our sales analysis for organizations is a proven, 25+ year old evaluation methodology used by thousands of companies to pinpoint areas of improvement in order to make the most impactful changes. The Sales Org Analysis combines objective sales competency data of your entire sales team along with analyses of your systems and strategies.The SOA provides a comprehensive 360 degree view of your people, strategies, and systems in order to determine whether your team members can actually deliver the results needed to grow profits. The data in the SOA also answers the crucial question: Can your current salespeople execute your sales strategies, exceed expectations, and do they belong in the roles they are in?

We will show you hard data so you can learn which salespeople can execute your sales strategies and sell 3 to 4 times more, which of these team members are trainable, and the best approach to coaching them up to this level. You will also see why some of your salespeople won’t be able to increase sales results.

The SOA also does a deep dive into your pipeline to determine quality vs quantity and discuss ways of improving pipeline analysis and forecasting accuracy. We will also assess your current leadership team and the effectiveness of their respective management styles and determine if they are all working towards the same goals.

As we all know, building and developing a strong sales team starts with your hiring strategy and process. The SOA will analyze your criteria for hiring as well as your process to determine areas of improvement to ensure you only hire A players going forward.

Our SOA has been battle tested since 1989 by over 10,000 companies and over 1 million salespeople have been assessed.


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Sales Analysis Services

Sales Roles

Sales Roles

Determine specific sales roles
required for success.

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Sales Evaluation

Sales Evaluation

We evaluate every member of your team
with valid sales analysis assessments.

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Team Evaluation

Team Evaluation

Our experts help evaluate your team
as a whole for optimal results.

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Sales Analysis Strategies

We use a combination of objective measures to evaluate individuals and your team. In combination we assess who is a good fit for specific roles and how to optimize team performance.

  • Evaluation
  • Assessment
  • Individual
  • Team

Any sales team evaluation must begin with a broader picture of organizational structure and leadership. By understanding the needs of the market and your executive team, we provide an objective view of your sales organization.

Based on our review, we often challenge existing paradigms and share best practices of top-performing sales programs.


Using a valid and reliable sales assessment is critical to determining the natural abilities of someone in a sales position. Do they have the drive to keep going, even after experiencing rejection? Do they thrive in sales situations? Our assessment provide insight into potential.

Take a test drive of our assessments or view sample assessments and imagine the value this insight would give to your sales leaders.


Sometimes individual performance has to be addressed. Whether its a lack or pipeline, missed opportunities, or sales technique, individual performance has meaning when its specific and direct. We work with your sales leaders to identify needs for individual sales professionals from training to management.


Team performance incorporates many factors. Even with a team of superstars, achieving sales outcomes requires something more. When sales leadership, individuals, and the team as a whole are aligned, amazing things happen. We evaluate and prescribe solutions for improving team dynamics and results.

Our experts deliver best practices and effective case studies that can be applied to accelerate sales performance.

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