What differentiates your firm from other recruiting firms?

What does a typical consulting engagement look like?

Each consulting project is different and depends on the results of a comprehensive sales org evaluation that we conduct. This objective evaluation methodology has been utilized by thousands of companies and is a 360 degree view of your entire sales organization. We assess your systems, processes, managers, salespeople, and all other facets of your sales division and deliver the results to your senior leadership team. It is at this point where we will discuss the scope of a potential consulting project. We have helped our clients improve their sales process, systems, pipeline analysis, compensation plans, recruiting process, sales skills, leadership skills, etc.

How long should it take my company to hire a salesperson?

No more than 4-6 weeks. If it is taking you longer you should re-evaluate your job criteria, compensation, location of the job, as well as your hiring process. In short, your process should be very thorough yet very efficient. We can help you with this evaluation, and we can also conduct hiring training to ensure your company makes the best hire within an acceptable period of time.

How do you structure your recruiting projects?

Depending on the scope of the search project, we will conduct a full retained search, a partial retained search, or a contingency search. At a high level, the differences between these 3 types of searches is the level of service and the amount of time and resources allocated to the search.

What types of roles do you help your clients fill?

We help our clients, mostly B2B companies, recruit and hire salespeople of all levels. This includes executive-level searches for SVP’s, CRO’s, or front-line sales managers. We also recruit enterprise, mid-market, and SMB sales executives and account managers as well as sales engineers and solutions consultants. In short, we recruit for most “client-facing” roles. In addition to sales roles, we also help our clients hire sales-related leadership roles. Examples of these roles include VP of Marketing, Sales Operations Manager, Director of Sales Enablement, Head of Sales Strategy, etc. Other roles we have been successful filling for our clients have been in finance and product leadership: CFO, SVP of Finance, Head of Product to name a few.

How do I determine what areas to focus on in team training as well as 1:1 coaching sessions?

The first step in figuring this out is to have each salesperson take our sales assessment. This assessment will show each team member’s sales strengths and weaknesses. We can then work with you to determine the best topics to cover in a team training setting as well as develop individual coaching plans for each salesperson.

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