Sales Candidate Assessments

Over 10,000 companies, including Microsoft, Oracle, and Hubspot, have used our award winning Candidate Assessments to streamline their recruiting process and ensure they hire the best candidate for the job. Regardless of whether or not you partner with BD Strategy Partners for sales recruiting, our sales assessment test is a “must have" for any sales position you are hiring for.

Our award-winning candidate assessments are the only assessment tailor made to assess sales DNA and sales skills. Regardless of how thorough your recruiting process is, a candidate’s answers to your interview questions are always going to be subjectively interpreted. In addition, some candidates are well trained in answering interview questions and can sell themselves in an interview setting.  Our sales assessment test takes the guessing game out of hiring salespeople.  We objectively score over 20 sales competencies and provide a hiring recommendation.

VALIDATION: 92% of Recommended candidates who were hired reached the top half of their sales team within 12 months.  On the flip side, 75% of candidates who were Not Recommended but hired anyway failed within 6 months.

We provide you with the necessary objective data to definitively answer questions such as:

  • Does the candidate have a high enough level of desire, commitment, and motivation to be successful at my company?
  • Is he or she coachable?
  • Is the candidate comfortable discussing money with a prospect?
  • Can he or she control their emotions or handle rejection?
  • Does the candidate have strong hunting skills, relationship building skills, closing skills?
  • Is he or she a strong consultative seller?
  • Is the candidate strong at qualifying each sales opportunity?
  • Will he or she effectively follow our sales process and are CRM savvy

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Sales Assessment Test Types

sales candidate assessments


Accurately (96%) predicts sales success in your unique business.

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sales candidate assessments

Sales Manager

We help you identify great sales management candidates.

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sales candidate assessments

VP of Sales

We evaluate all key aspects of being a senior sales leader.

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Competencies Reviewed in Our Sales Assessment Test

Below are the 4 categories that we assess along with the specific competency.

  • The Will To Sell
  • Development
  • Sales DNA
  • Selling Skills

Desire, Commitment, Outlook, Motivation, Responsibility.


Trainable, Coachable, Figure it out Factor.


Doesn’t Need Approval, Controls Emotions, Supportive Beliefs, Supportive Buy Cycle, Comfortable Discussing Money, Handles Rejection.


Hunter, Relationship Building, Sales Posturing, Consultative Seller, Qualifying, Presentation Skills, Closer, Sales Process, CRM, Social Selling.

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